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JSF will not repeat the mistakes EJB

1.Sun the only technology on the ruined EJB

Sun introduced its own technology, has always been very self-confident, even a little conceited to the extent of self-confidence. Because of ego, Sun does not always willing to promote the technology, and planning a little ingenuity, blindly look to the attractiveness of the technology itself, as if the Expert Group pedantic they shouted, they will arise from those clouds of sensation. This is a commercial society, the emperor's daughter is still unhappy marriage, not to mention you are a liquor, but also superstition what sell themselves?

EJB's fate has dealt a blow to Sun, do not know if Sun has not woken up. Why such a great server-side EJB component architecture, will lose even Hibernate and his ilk? EJB really is too complicated? Perhaps, but not the EJB living to the point of the root causes of this predicament. Only technical theory, ignore the user needs, turned a deaf ear to the voice of the programmer, is Sun's biggest weakness, this weakness affected the release of all Sun technologies to their business plan is always tepid EJB source.

EJB's rich content, I am afraid that only Java "cattle people" who can appreciate. I have heard more than one Java "cow" and praise of the EJB. High level of abstraction, reasonable structure, stable performance and adaptability omnipotent, large-scale enterprise applications using EJB development is the "cow man" who is the only choice.

Unfortunately, EJB complex concepts, esoteric terminology and heavyweight framework, so that large numbers of patience and love "technology fast" discouraged programmers. On the contrary, publicity-seeking Hibernate, its simple configuration, easy to understand the rules and so-called "lightweight" object encapsulation, because the programmer likes to vote in the Java arena was able to quickly became popular, as doing my part of the star. Things change, so EJB shake their heads, do nothing.

Hibernate EJB's advantages and shortcomings will not go into here, if given the chance, I will also discuss the author and readers. The disrespect of the Hibernate, Hibernate's supporters do not want angry angry. As a tremendously popular Java ORM technology, Hibernate Java programmers have long been widely accepted, its founder Gavin King is now the fame and fortune, to the points of criticism, or be able to afford one? Moreover, as Gaving King joined the EJB group to standardize the development of EJB ORM, EJB and Hibernate turn hostility into friendship, now a person. As a family, and I complained about something, right when everyone is "contradictions among the people" to handle it, huh, huh!

2. Strikingly similar history, it will repeat itself

The reason that Hibernate and EJB, not to deliberately no judgments of a pass, but to explain the technology to promote Sun's planning on how lightly. Carefully JSF technology, then take a look at JSF Java Web community complaints, you will find that today's JSF and then EJB, exactly the same situation.

First of all, and, like EJB, JSF is an advanced technology. Trying to build a Java Web's UI framework, Fuzzy programming and Web programming Java Desktop line, so that a large number of programmers on the desktop programming experience, can be applied to Web programming intact, this is any other Java Web frameworks have thought of;

Second, and, like EJB, JSF also has a very complex concept. In the JSF "simplify Java Web development" goal behind, is unprecedented technical complexity of JSF. Connectionless nature of HTTP protocol, and respond to the request processing mode, determines the complexity of Web programming, especially Form processing and complicated, is inevitable. Since the JSF, the programmers do not have the face of these complex and cumbersome, then the framework must face. This is the JSF complicated reasons. Of course, the basic JSF programming quite simple, but deep into the JSF's internal, you need to know including the JSF request processing lifecycle, including many complex concepts;

Again, and, like EJB, JSF is also a lack of tools. When we use all kinds of IDE to easily write the desktop program, expected to be difficult to imagine, the lack of these tools support, back 20 years ago, the big picture of how the program will be. The importance of tools can not be overemphasized. JSF is designed for the tool, but, JSF is launched, the tools available meager, even now, visual JSF page editor is also rare;

Finally, and, like EJB, JSF is also a victim of bad business promotion plan. Not timely introduction, then introduced the relationship between untreated well and JSP, but also no large-scale business promotion, JSF only by its own technical advantages, and competitors deal with.

EJB Hibernate then have to contend with, today's JSF Struts and so there next to sneer at. History is strikingly similar, and strikingly similar history, they often continue to repeat itself. Bear to recall the fate of EJB, JSF to repeat it? Sun, please tell us the answer!

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Acer executives boasted that Dell no longer pose a threat to Acer

September 28, according to foreign media reports, Acer executives in Europe, said recently that Dell no longer pose a threat to the Acer. On the contrary, a threat to Dell Acer Daoshi.

Acer UK manager SemmyLevit a recent interview, said: "Dell is no longer a threat, on the contrary, Acer will be a threat to Dell."

Levit also admitted: "Dell is a big business, past performance is not bad. However, Dell now in jeopardy, and Acer will seize this opportunity to increase market share."

Meanwhile, European marketing director GianpieroMorbello Acer said: "We are winning market share, while Dell's share in the loss. For us, Dell is no longer a threat."

Acer announced the end of August to 710 million U.S. dollars acquisition of third largest U.S. PC maker Gateway. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of this year, when Acer will surpass Lenovo as the world's third-largest PC maker.

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Cool my music box, the new interface, mainly practical

As the most popular network music player music box cool I have been known for innovation, the first music resources of the network to provide aggregation services, the first audio fingerprinting capabilities provided, the first to offer music on demand and K MV song features, etc. once again bring users to surprise a lot of users looking cool in the next version of my music box which will bring extraordinary music services. Cool music box I recently issued the latest version, this new version of the skin to do a major innovation, providing a new type of skin break points to practical and functional, give users a more convenient music experience. Here we take a look at this brand new skin, which are just too wonderful.

1. The new look interface design

I open the cool music box, the default is the traditional interface. In the upper right corner click on "skinning" button in the pop-up menu in the "best of the skin" list, click on the "points off the skin" option, will be prompted to restart cool my music box. After rebooting, I can see the cool music box into a new blue and white split skin tone fresh, elegant, quite good.

Figure 1 switch split skin

Split skin is divided into two parts, the left is the control panel and the playlist window, can be used to control music playback, edit playlists and so on. Today the right is the recommended / Music Library Search / local music library window, used for network music search / download and management operations. Both functional classification clear, user-friendly quick to learn and master the operation. The right side of the window function setting and operation methods consistent with the traditional skin, not repeat them. The focus of the whole skin in the left window, the following let us reveal its mysterious veil.

Figure 2, the skin fresh and elegant style

2. Casual look even more wonderful songs

In the left window provides a "playlist" and "look around" two track list. Play lists are added manually by the user and management, casual look is recommended by the software automatically songs, click "look around" button to automatically display a playlist of songs which were recommended by the software, the songs are more popular recently. Too lazy to manually search for the song, or really do not know what songs to listen to people, this feature the most convenient, as long as the click of a button you can hear a lot of good song. If the current list of the songs are heard, and would like to get a new song to listen to, as long as the lower left corner click "Refresh" button to replace a number of new songs, often for new, and never tired of hearing it. If the hearing favorite songs, at the bottom click "Save" button will list all of the current song collection to the "Play List", right click the song select "Add to" option can be a single song collection to Play list, since you can always listen to the.

Figure 3 is very exciting to look around

3. The flexibility to streamline the new skin

Cool music box I split out the skin color between the other is that it's extremely streamlined model. The traditional skin interface are fixed, sometimes the window too much effect on the use of other programs, can not be stationed on the desktop, can only minimize the use, transfer out, etc. when the need arises, the operation is very flexible. New version of the split skin is to solve this problem, it allows users to flexibly set the appearance of size, without affecting the functional use of the premise, the best appreciation and operating experience.

Figure 4 ultra-small interface easy to listen to songs

Respectively in the left window click the "list" and "Music Library" button playlists and music libraries will hide the window, this time window only player window window, you can drag and drop to the small size of any corner, will not affect the use of other programs, they can easily control the playback. If you want to see the synchronized lyrics to enjoy the MTV how to do? Not worry, the upper right corner of the window click the "watch" button to launch a player window, you can see through the window synchronized lyrics, MTV video on demand, to sing karaoke OK so, the window is small but fully functional, will not affect the normal lyrics and appreciate the need for MV, but also does not affect other programs to use, very nice bar. This music box is cool I highlight the most innovative features of the.

Figure 5 are a lot of mini-window function

After these trials, you can see my music box cool down a lot in the design effort, both beautiful and practical-based dual design makes the performance quite a spin-off of skin color. This once again proves my cool music box in the functional strength of innovation, user-oriented design concept first. Cool music box worth the wait I should applaud.

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No trace of her it just so to find the original 1000 Baidu

鈽?Lookup - ratio of the number and ranks of

Lookup job duties what is it? With a number and a line or a comparison of data in turn, found that match the value, the will of another set of data extracted from the corresponding value.

* Wage scale: numerical comparison

According to different tax rates for different wages is a common application. We look at this "wage rate query" table (see Figure 1). Now on the right side under the "income" (F series), directly corresponds to the "rate" (G column). No. 1 in the calculation of "tax", the input function the formula "= LOOKUP (F4, $ B $ 3: $ B $ 8, $ D $ 3: $ D $ 8)", carriage return, will be "36.00%."

Figure 1 Numerical comparison

The result is that how come? With F4 in the first one income was "$ 123,409", and left the table, "the lowest income," the file data ("$ B $ 3: $ B $ 8") were compared, although " $ 123,409 "in the" lowest income "number of the file does not match exactly the same data, but with one less than its maximum number of" $ 58,501 "match. This corresponds to the same line, "36.00%" to extract the.

* Book sales table: Comparison with text

Comparison of the number of Lookup functions can also be text. Query book sales in this table (see Figure 2), enter the following table of "number" (A15 cells) text as the query number, and the table of "number" 1 ($ A $ 3: $ A $ 11) comparing the query to match the text, the "material name" 1 ($ B $ 3: $ B $ 11) corresponding to the data extracted. The formula is "= LOOKUP (A15, $ A $ 3: $ A $ 11, $ B $ 3: $ B $ 11)".

Figure 2 Comparison of the text

鈽?Vlookup - ratio of the number and form

Lookup a big brother - Vlookup function. There are many similarities between the two brothers, but the ability to more Big Brother. Vlookup with comparative figures with a "table" in contrast, not the Lookup function of a one or a row, and Vlookup can choose Exact or fuzzy query method, and Lookup only vague query.

* Fuzzy matching

Fuzzy query with Vlookup function, almost exactly the same role with the Lookup. We use the Vlookup function to extract the first one in the example results of the wage rate. Function formula "= VLOOKUP (F4, $ B $ 3: $ D $ 8,3, TRUE)".

In this function, use the first one income "$ 123,409" (F4 cells) as a comparison number, use it with the left side of the table ("$ B $ 3: $ D $ 8") 1 of the number of columns compared Although the "$ 123,409" in the "lowest income" number of the file does not match exactly the same data, but the function of the last parameter is "TURE" ("TURE" is fuzzy query), so it will work with which less than it The maximum number of "$ 58,501" match. And table 3, column (the first three parameters function as a "3") corresponding to the data extracted, so the result is also a "36.00%."

* Order Schedule: Exact Match

Sometimes, we need to be upgraded. In the following "Order List" (see Figure 3), the last a "freight charges" in the data through "delivery methods" from the left, "Distribution Company Charges" in the match queries. This is a typical example of the exact query, first a data calculation function formula is "= VLOOKUP (H3, $ B $ 2: $ D $ 6,3, FALSE)".

Figure 3 exact matches


The last argument from the "TRUE" changed into "FLASE", is the exact match. The exact query that queries the table with the query in column 1 in order to match the data exactly the same extraction, otherwise the result returned error value "# N / A".

Teacher commented:

Excel provides us with nearly 20 on "Find and quote" function, but the most common Lookup, Vlookup, there Choos, Row, Colum, Index and Match, etc., we can help see through the function of specific features. These functions are not alone, with other functions and Excel, with some functions. Hope that the data later, "find a friend", the no longer "People find it in thousands of Baidu," the sense of direct "Mu natural look back, that number has in the dim light," the.



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Deconstruction Huawei: high investment by foreign forces

Technical articles

After the entrants as Huawei, to his position at the technical level is the pragmatism of the road, which has been stressed for the market, R & D, develop new technologies, complemented by low prices and good service, grab global market share.

Technical inputs up to

Huawei eyes, there are three departments of the company's largest contribution to: market research, development and human resources. Although the company's president Ren Zhengfei now focus only on the determination of grand strategy, but the company three large sectors of the R & D still Zhengfei head.

Huawei introduced an insider from the company's inception, Ren Zhengfei have invested in technology companies have requested. Huawei was founded early, Ren Zhengfei would require companies to sales agents of foreign products the profits are invested in the technology development on a small switch. With the expansion of profit margins. Profits to invest in the company again upgraded product research and development, the cycle, gradually expanding.

According to data provided by Huawei brand center, Huawei R & D costs per year not less than 10% of sales, and insisted on 10% of R & D for the pre-research, new technology, new areas of continuous research and tracking.

This statistical data with third parties the same. In the recently announced near 23rd list of top hundred electronic enterprises, Huawei R & D investment in China, the amount of ranking first. 2008 Love for the R & D reached 10 billion yuan, the proportion of its revenue more than 8%. So far, Huawei has won 6 consecutive years, the number of patent applications, the first Chinese companies, account for 3 consecutive years, the number of China's invention patent applications first. While rival Huawei, ZTE R & D investment revenue as high as 9.8%, but still lower than the total amount of Huawei.

Huawei attaches great importance to IPR protection technical innovation. According to Huawei official data, as of the end of 2008, Huawei has accumulated 35,773 patents, including patent applications, 26,005 Chinese, 5,446 international patent applications, foreign patent applications for 4322. In the LTE field, Huawei basic core patents accounted for 10%, ranking third.

1 Shenzhen communications manufacturers believe that Huawei's generous early R & D investment is rising out of Zhengfei their inherent requirement of the company. Since then, Cisco's intellectual property rights on the prosecution to Huawei Ren Zhengfei more convinced of the necessity of R & D investment.

43% of Huawei staff adhere to research and development investment. Huawei has been for several years at an annual rate of recruitment of 34 thousand graduates of famous universities, are still thousands of people each year rate of recruitment of excellent technical personnel at home and abroad. Huawei R & D personnel in recent years to reach 4 million.

Leveraging padded

Compared with other communications giant, Huawei is not a long-term technology accumulation. But Huawei is found in the technical research and development for its own way.

Huawei has chosen to do non-core ASIC development and board-level development of two applied technology development. Huawei's R & D is done based ASIC development. ASIC technical difficulty of small and large quantities. ASIC technology development useful role in the company reduce costs. The main development model is designed by Huawei own several chips, and then look for China Taiwan, Hong Kong, China or the United States chip maker professional processing. After processing, the chip can be used instead to buy ready-made chips, saving a lot of cost. In 2004, Huawei's ASIC design department, independent from Huawei, set up the "Hisilicon" the new company. Hisilicon is a professional design company, to include outside companies, including Huawei Technologies to provide chip design. Huawei's R & D in the board-level development idea is to use cheap labor of domestic R & D, spend a lot of manpower to reduce the cost of entire board. For example, Huawei has spent more than a dozen individuals to study the lower the cost of the switch the user board.

Huawei is technically not the same one with domestic enterprises where technology development is to do with external forces. The early stage of development in Huawei Ren Zhengfei once that independent development is the only R & D should take the path. The transformation process after the introduction of IBM, IBM's consultants have found a problem, Huawei R & D to do everything on their own, this result is inefficient companies, Huawei is therefore proposed to shorten their product time to market.

Ren Zhengfei competitors in summing up the experience, so that Huawei Technologies R & D to go down this road: The core technology is their own development, but a number of relevant and forward-looking technology to do domestic universities or laboratories. This is to ensure the master core technologies of Huawei, but also to protect its R & D efficiency. Huawei Technologies and Tsinghua University Department of Radio Engineering, China University of Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Southeast University and other universities have established long-term technology partnership. This large-scale cooperation with domestic universities, not only solved the front-end technology of Huawei in the problems, but also trained a large number of Huawei's high-end technical talents.

In overseas, Huawei has also established a cross-border integration of employees through the establishment of the laboratory.

Overseas research is of great significance to Huawei, Huawei's overseas operations not only to provide support and services but also means that Huawei can with other international IT giants, like 24 hours to establish a global research system.

Huawei: the success of a balanced development model

Recently, Huawei has once again aroused the concern of the industry in China, many enterprises have Huawei as a benchmark study, and some even proposed to be certain areas of Huawei. Cause the background of this phenomenon is that the financial crisis, Huawei not only has maintained a good momentum of growth, and its pace of internationalization has been a firm go far, the 2008 International revenue accounted for 75% of its sales revenue; and the current international patent The number of applications beyond Toyota and Philips, the world's top business first; in the "Business Week" magazine out of the top ten most influential companies, Huawei is the only Ranking enterprise.

The author believes that Huawei as a Chinese, non-listed, private, high technology enterprise, is a "phenomenon", for Chinese enterprises, their imitation and reference value is not great, but hidden behind the success of the phenomenon in Huawei operation and management of the philosophy and concept, is worth thinking of Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Huawei Ren Zhengfei, president of management can be attributed to the ideological balance. Since 2001, the sum of Huawei Ren Zhengfei "Top Ten Management Guidelines", regardless of how internal and external environment changes, "the balanced development" has been placed first. Can speak, Ren Zhengfei core of the idea of management is to balance, balance is the highest management philosophy. Zhengfei claimed to be a "gray" who, in his view, between the gray between black and white is very difficult to grasp, that is, the level of leadership and mentor.

"Equilibrium is the most effective form of productive forces", "continue to adhere to a balanced development of thinking and to push forward the reform and improvement work. Equalizer is the most effective form of productive forces. Through persistent improvement, and continuously enhance organizational vitality, and improving the overall competitiveness and efficiency continue to increase per capita ", which is a long stick to the core values of Huawei.

Huawei has 20 years of growth and development path is built dynamically to achieve success and benefits, operation and management based on the balance, through continuous improvement, improvement and improvement, Huawei continued to strengthen and enhance the management capacity, and then enable enterprises to embark on a healthy development. Huawei's success, once again the case of Chinese-style shows, the real balance of management is the core competitiveness.

In 2005, along with the acceleration of the internationalization of Huawei, Huawei to re-sort their mission vision and development strategy. Its strategic positioning at: 1. For the customer service is the only reason Huawei exists, the customer demand is the driving force behind the development of Huawei; 2. Quality, good service, low operating costs, the priority to meet customer needs, enhance customer competitiveness and profitability ; 3. sustainable management of change process to achieve efficient operation, ensuring delivery of high quality end to end; 4. jointly with the Friends of the development of both competitors and partners together to create good living space, shared the interest of the value chain.

Not difficult to see from the above strategy, Huawei's strategy is both concerned with management (the first), but also concerned about the management (second); both concerned with the business outside (the first and fourth), but also concerned about the internal (second and third) . Can be said that the management philosophy based on its strategy of Huawei, a full and balanced strategy.

In the business model, the Huawei's macro-oriented business model is customized, product development roadmap is customer driven, to provide customers with complete and timely service as the only existing value and reason; in management mode, Huawei micro-business model is process-oriented organizations, the completion of various elements from end to end enterprise, high quality, efficient and effective management; in the internal core values, corresponding to build a high performance culture characterized. As Ren Zhengfei said: "In 20 years of painful ordeal, we finally established a 'customer-centered, striver-based' corporate culture, which the company slowly out of the dilemma."

Also not difficult to see, Huawei core values advocated by the same internal value orientation (hard) and the external value orientation (customers) an organic and balanced together. Overall, this model will be customer value, business efficiency and management efficiency and high performance together organically in order to achieve an effective harmony, a dynamic equilibrium.

It can be said, Huawei proposed macro-and micro business model business model is built on the basis of rational thinking, and its essence is the dynamic balance management into a practical meaning of "Huawei model."

Huawei in the early stage of development, the focus of the enterprise located in the business, is also very weak for a company concerned, is undoubtedly a wise choice, because "to live, is the company's last word," the company want to live, and to a high-tech enterprises, to grow and the need to give priority to the efficiency of enterprises. After 1997, the company based on changes in the status and external environment, transform the strategic focus, strengthen internal management, by introducing world-class enterprise management system in the management of enterprise-class integration and, through management efficiency to promote the business benefits increase.

For Huawei, the strengthened management, the implementation of IPD, ISC as the core of the management changes that make up the management of the short length of wood, because the management is really the core competitiveness. For each department, project team and the director speaking, with the personal commitment to implementation of the system performance, it has not simply functions of the departments or functions of the manager, the company strengthened its management functions of the body, the cadres of various departments has actually transformed To set management functions and business functions as one of the managers. Therefore, managers face an urgent role and the role of the conversion, and then realize their operational capacity and management capacity in the balance.鐢辨褰㈡垚涓?釜鑹?寰幆锛氬湪涓綋 灞傞潰锛屽疄鐜颁釜浜鸿兘鍔涗笌宸ヤ綔鑱岃矗鐨勫姩鎬佸潎琛?鍦ㄧ粍缁囧眰闈紝瀹炵幇閮ㄩ棬缁忚惀鐩爣涓庣鐞嗘晥鐜囩殑鍔ㄦ?鍧囪 ;鍦ㄥ叕鍙稿眰闈紝瀹炵幇鍔熶笌鍒┿?缁忚惀涓庣鐞嗐?缁勭粐鎴樼暐鐩爣涓庣粍缁?鑳藉姏鐨勫姩鎬佸钩琛°?

銆??鐪熸鑳藉瀹炵幇涓婅堪鍔ㄦ?骞宠 鐨勪紒涓氾紝蹇呭畾鏄晢涓氶鍩熺殑璧㈠锛屼笉鎴愰暱銆佷笉鍙戝睍銆佷笉鎴愬姛閮藉緢闅俱?

銆??瀵逛簬鍗庝负鐨勬湭鏉ュ彂灞曪紝鎴戜滑鏈夌悊鐢卞厖婊′簡淇″績锛屾敮鎾戣繖涓?俊蹇冪殑鐞嗙敱鏄細鍦ㄤ换姝i潪鍏堢敓鐨勯瀵间笅锛屽崕涓轰互鍧囪 涓哄叾缁忚惀绠$悊鐞嗗康锛屽苟缁忚繃20骞寸殑瀹炶返楠岃瘉锛屽崕涓烘垚鍔熸墦閫犱簡鎴愪负涓栫晫绾т紒涓氱殑鍧囪 鐨勮蒋瀹炲姏銆?br />


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Fully compatible with and support the collection of Thunder Win7 new trial

With more than 5.8 Thunder 5.9 upgrade, but we regret that there are some 5.8 features are still not a smooth transition to the 5.9 up. Meanwhile, the popular trend in Windows 7, today intensified, Thunder must be achieved "with Windows 7-compatible", and then developed with the corresponding features. In addition, for many browsers, it should also provide a better Thunder "native support." Fortunately, with the release of new version of Thunder 5.9, these features have already been resolved. A fully compatible with Windows 7

Security light, performance, digital home, multi-touch, unified hardware, network and opening up, virtual operation, the file library and other features, enough to make Windows 7 captured the hearts of many users. As a good download tool, Thunder must be provided with compatible features. The release of the new Thunder did not let us down.

In the first install and run the Thunder, it will pop up the window shown in Figure 1, requires us to set the default download folder, and prompt us to "build the library in Windows 7 Thunder download." After the opening shown in Figure 2 as long as the "library", you can see the "Thunder download" folder. So that we can use the Windows 7 in the library functions to manage, search for Thunder download the relevant information.


If the first does not create a database in Windows 7 Thunder download, you can also select "Tools" 鈫?"Configuration", click on the left of the "task default properties" tab, you can see on the right "to establish the library in Windows 7 Thunder download "check box, select the can.

In addition, the new version of Thunder 5.9 also fully supports Windows 7 Toolbar JumpList function (Figure 2), as long as the Thunder right-click the toolbar window can, in addition to access to the most recent three new tasks, you can also use the Thunder most common features, easier to use.

Second, the new collection features

Although search engine is easy, but very often, we hope that our resources can be downloaded at any time for us to use. Thunder to provide similar services, you can download the resources for the preservation of our online, to use at any time to download.

Thunder 5.9 also adds new "Favorites" feature, we can right-click the downloaded resources, select "Add" command or simply click "Add" button (Figure 4), you can save their favorite content to the network , ready to download and share with others.

Third, to strengthen and "offline Download" Integration

Offline download, also known as offline download, is a network of alternative high-definition era. I believe we have to understand offline download, it can solve the energy waste, electromagnetic pollution and other issues, easy high-speed download. Thunder is a new version 5.9 has been enhanced with the "off-line to download" The integration (Figure 5), this operation can be better off to download.

Quick question

4, New Boss Key

Recently, the "boss key" word has become popular. Boss Key is used against the boss (or boss, parent, girlfriend or other person) as long as the press of a button, can make their own ongoing do not want to be seen any of the content disappeared in an instant without film without leaving a trace, protecting your privacy. Now the software is also very intelligent, have provided the boss key feature. Thunder 5, also provides similar functionality, so you can at any time for our "quick Disembarrassing."

Select "Tools" 鈫?"Configuration", click on the left of the "Common Settings" tab, you can see on the right "to enable the boss key" check box, then press the appropriate button to set the boss button (if not recommended with the default Alt + D).

Note that the boss key is to open the key, press a hidden, press again will resume. So do not use the default Alt + D key, which is more easily discovered by the boss.

5, support for more browsers

I am sure the Microsoft monopoly case must be heard, but also let us know more browsers. Thunder the previous version 5.9 is not able to "native support" outside the browser in addition to IE, is very much a regret. Thunder is a new version 5.9 solved the problem, in addition to support for IE, but also support Maxthon, Firefox and Opera browsers. We can choose the "Tools" 鈫?"browser support" command from the row selection (Figure 7), so you can let us do not change the browser and change the browsing habits of the premise, enjoy high-speed download Thunder 5.9.

Overall, the new Thunder 5.9 has achieved Windows 7's fully compatible with, and provide Windows 7 features, while also increasing the collection of new features, support for the boss key, and also to support more browsers, worth downloading update and try. I believe the download will become a weapon!


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

B2C in China's "money" King

B2C Development in China

Recalling the development of electronic commerce, different companies take a different road, the risk for foreign investment tired and lose their competitive advantage are; there is no perfect business profit model, there were early mortality; lack of funds, acquisition of a transformation . Currently the new economy in the development process, met the objective necessity of integration, has been greatly undermined the confidence of those who eagerly looked forward to, and caused the Internet bubble of Guangfanzhenglun.

B2C in China has experienced more than a year of development, the 8848 creation of e-commerce development in China a sign; in 2000 as a watershed in two phases. Overall: early embryonic development of the process is the integration of the late, landing stage.

China's B2C model traversed by planting, budding flowers, suffered wind and rain, practical floor of the development process. Whether B2B or B2C only conceptual theorists and media speculation and capital speculators things, the entity operating the company already worked out its own development model. Internet economy era is a small but strong consumption age. To meet the 4C: consumer demand (consumer'swantsandneeds) consumption cost (cost) consumer convenience (convenience) consumer interaction (com 顎?munication) as the basic objective of market operators, consumer-centered philosophy as customer service, all to the need for Center is its basic characteristics. From the traditional marketing concepts to analyze the Internet industry and market, the same is correct.

B2C experience more than a year of development, gradually fade out of sight media speculation, but the B2C market in China is growing increasingly evident advantage of the existing value: to achieve zero inventory sales; to the release time of goods to achieve significant cross-boundary; to achieve rapid product The globalization of sales; to foreign goods with excellent platform to introduce to China and other. It should be said, B2C advantages of these developments is China's real conditions and environment to create business opportunities.

Currently, B2B has become more concerned about capital market and the industry model. However, when the development of B2B in China, this model's inherent weakness in China as shown. The B2B world is in a confused stage. Particularly in China, enterprises are not as mature a market economy environment necessary for business information as urgent. B2B e-commerce implementation is looking beautiful. In fact, Chinese companies face reform and accession to the WTO, the Chinese enterprises to create a unique opportunities for innovation --- in particular, through the Internet and e-commerce to achieve innovation, but the question is: from a planned economy to a market economy in the face real difficulties is unprecedented --- information is for business, not the most important issue to be addressed with great urgency. The difficulty of such a depth, which greatly hampered the development of China's B2B e-commerce. E-commerce development in China, B2B B2C greater than the difficulties encountered.

By contrast, B2C After a year of development, reflected in the market is more characteristic of e-commerce with Chinese characteristics. Evolved and B2C consumer base, ultimately the development of end-market B2B, B2C and B2B can be said that the development should be said to complement each other and co-promotion.

The overall business environment for B2C

Recently, the Ministry of Information Industry of the survey indicated that: the overall environment for e-commerce in China at an early stage, based on e-commerce in China is relatively weak.

In 1999, China's total online spending is 55 million yuan, only accounting for the whole society a small percentage of total retail sales, this year's total of 1690 million people online, participate in online shopping in only 16.28%.

Ministry of Information Industry survey: China's online shopping 70 times lower than in the United States. Online trading volume is only 0.02%, but for e-commerce service satisfaction, the world average is 90% higher in China to 80% of the respondents lack confidence in online shopping, but 90% of the respondents are willing to try online shopping. Internet shopping is quietly changing the type of people, senior citizens and young type online shoppers shoppers are actively trying to type and to become the next mainstream crowd, and the majority of women shopping online.

Above survey shows that: the market cultivation conditions on the B2C perspective: B2C target groups belong to the individual consumer, the same level of consumer spending and consumer demand for psychology training is relatively easy to implement and can quickly form a consumer group. Initial experience of people online consumer mentality is an attempt, but the formation of loyal consumers is necessarily need to go beyond the traditional quality of service guarantee. Currently, the leading try-based shopping is still not yet used to model the formation of a stable customer base and online shopping. Therefore, to maintain customer loyalty for B2C e-commerce companies, has become an important direction for operations.

In addition, analysis of China and the United States the development of different market conditions, can be found: The United States has a good market environment, the community's ability to accept new things is quite strong. In China, the credit system is not perfect, low popularity of computers, online payment difficulties, poor distribution system, all objectively reflect the level of the Chinese e-commerce is still relatively low.

But the study also show that: the development of B2C business advantage more than the United States. China's online consumers, the cost to attract a lower cost than the United States several times, and Chinese regional broad, regional differences in large, uneven economic development, new products and technology for consumers throughout the country. Traditional business forms can not be provided when customers need products and services, to create a profitable online marketing space. Recently, McKinsey & Company survey showed that: In China's B2C model can be profitable.

The development of a new stage of China's B2C

Let us recall this popular event in China B2C. Devaluation E State swelters launched this year and a half hours of powerful online ordering service, China e-commerce take off the emperor's new clothes, truly come to the example of people's lives; Chinese ICP boss Sina, this summer launched its own Online Shopping Mall; as important to the future development of B2C in the middle of evaluation information to support, well-known consumer rating website E315 determine their business value chain in the value-added location; in ICP E 顎?second party team

LONG with the basis of its own content services involved in the field of e-commerce travel information; traditional B2C website: cool must, SAN FRANCISCO, LALASHO so perfect is also developing its own mature business model. 8848, in a sense at the beginning of the transition team for the second party's B2C Web site provides more room for development. Sparkice EC123 market development in Beijing is even based on good customer service to consumer trust, online marketing has become the vanguard of the capital; in Shanghai, eBay, etc. are all polygonal 缁忚惀 Chang Shi B2C area.

Recently, the Chinese IT giant Lenovo Group introduced early next year --- ICP services ( and its online shop after the 35.37 million U.S. dollars more to the huge M & A investment and consumption-oriented people, in the online securities information services When a powerful advantage to win through, inroads into the Chinese e-commerce services market, that the development of China's B2C break into the theory, a bold new phase of practice. Strong investment in China's IT backbone for the development of China's B2C tremendous turn for the better.

Rallied together to dispute, and the brightest into the B2C. Traditional international mail order companies (such as McCaw Lin, Otto - 700, etc.) has built up its own unique "mail-order + B2C" the new model; auction and bidding site transition, looking for more online information reflects the value of value-added and interactive services B2C business model.

For accurate positioning of the business model is: profit in the future, but cut into the time has come; information on value-added services have been inevitable; to establish the value of existing rules of the industry must also rise to industry-wide attention.


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